ARAE (Representatives Actors Guild Spain) was born over twenty years ago to join the majority of which, at that time, we exercised this profession and we saw the need and benefits that union could donate. Throughout the years we have been getting small and big victories: were a vital link in the implementation, contracts, clauses intellectual property and it was also very important information that could contribute to AISGE began to walk. We have been part of the audiovisual defense platforms, defense of culture, theater and we have collaborated in treaty negotiations.

At present a total of 30 representative offices and part of ARAE between our immediate objectives are: the launch of this website in order to facilitate the hiring of actors both nationally and internationally; participate as far as possible in negotiating agreements and audiovisual theater; get contract basisfor members of ARAE with the producers and especially make the importance of our work within the profession is recognized.

Our goal in creating this site is to provide producers, casting directors, film directors, theater and television for a fast, easy, accurate and essential to resolve the distributions of their production tool.